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Structure: Spiralosphere Cognitive Cube
Spectrum: Inspiration Intuition Ultra-mental Mental Intellectual Physical Technological Infra-Physical Instinct Impact
Range: Data Information Logic Philosophy Ethics Psychology Sociology
Governance Management Technology Economy
Grid: Consciousness Knowledge Conscience Capacity

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Informatics is only a part of the existential information sphere and flow.
If abused or overused, as it is now, it has a iatrogenic, degenerative impact on the whole of society and way of life, and on the biosphere.

If properly applied, it is a major driver of regenerative societal transition.

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SocietalSystem ( StS ) Information System
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SocietalSystem ( StS )
A societal systemic, globally viable and inclusive, replacement towards 2030,
for the techno-mercantilist and partycratic model of the last 250 years.

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Date: 16.04.2020
SocietalSystem ( StS )